Sante Fe Weekend

We took a mini honeymoon in Sante Fe last weekend. It’s a small town really, with only 80,000 residents. (On a side note, the entire state of New Mexico has fewer people than the Cincinnati metro area!)

Perhaps most notable about Sante Fe is the number of art galleries. You couldn’t throw a stone without hitting one. If you’re ever in the market for $20,000 pieces of southwestern paintings or sculptures, now you know where to go.

We stayed in the St. Francis Hotel near the square downtown. Their bar had the most amazing drink – a hot buttered rum. Try one if you ever get a chance. The warm drink was perfect because it was chilly. It snowed the last night we were there. I was up at 2 a.m. with a cold, but afterwards we were glad we made the trek for meds because by sunrise the beautiful snowfall had turned into slush.

Also while we were there we saw the miraculous steps built by St. Joseph for the Loretto Sisters and made a memorable 8 mile hike to a mountain peak for a gorgeous view of the city!


Santa Fe Honeymoon Album