Babymooning in Hawaii

On our way to moving to Kunsan, South Korea, we stopped in Oahu for a wonderful week on the island! We stayed in a cabin at a private Air Force beach. Waking up each morning to the ocean breeze and sunrise over the water was amazing.

Other highlights were hiking for incredible views of the island, snorkeling in a bay, touring the Dole Pineapple Plantation, seeing a Luau show and enjoying delicious food in downtown Honolulu/Wakiki.

One of the more sobering moments was visiting Pearl Harbor, and seeing the remnants of the ships submerged in the water where sailors are still entombed from WWII.

We’re excited to go back to Hawaii one day and bring our children. And hopefully next time we can spend time on some of the other islands, like Maui or Molokai.


Hawaii Photos

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